Twitter introduces Promoted #Stickers for brands

Starting this week, Twitter promoted #Stickers will be available for brands! They will be able to create and promote custom #Stickers so that anyone can use them in their tweets.

Thousands of photos are shared daily on Twitter around the world, so when Twitter introduced #Stickers consumers started to use them giving their photos a personal and fun touch to share with their followers. Now brands have the opportunity to create a promote Stickers opening a new way for brands to engage with customers.


In their blog Twitter explains that brands can design four or eight stickers — like accessories and other props — for users to add to their own photos. Photos with branded Stickers are shared with all the user’s followers giving the brand more exposure, also these Stickers act like visual Hashtags meaning that anyone that clicks on them can discover other users using the branded Stickers.

Pepsi will be the exclusive launch partner of the Promoted #Stickers with their global campaign Pepsimoji, sharing nearly 50 custom Stickers in more than 10 countries. This marks the biggest partnership between Pepsi and Twitter to date.

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