What happened in F8 2019 – “The future is private”

Earlier this week, F8, the annual Facebook conference, was held to discuss and show the updates, changes and new features that their products will have.

“The future is private,” said Mark Zuckerberg, referring to that sense of intimacy and security that each person wants to have in their interpersonal relationships, including digital ones.

Precisely that is the next chapter in the actions to be carried out on Facebook. “I know we do not have the best reputation in terms of privacy issues, but I am committed to starting a new chapter in our products” – added Zuckerberg.

The main focus will be on Groups, Stories and other functions to communicate directly.

The actions will be carried out based on six principles: Private interactions, encrypted content, reducing the period of content permanence, security, interoperability through the platforms and secure data storage.

FB5, the new version of Facebook, reflects the biggest change that has been made to the platform in the last 5 years, including a change in the style of the mobile application, the web version and the logo. Reflecting a new simple style, functional and aligned with the principles mentioned above.

Next, we present the relevant announcements during this session F8 2019:


The intention is that Messenger is the fastest direct messaging application and its new version will be available by the end of 2019.

Similarly, by the end of this year, the Messenger desktop application will be officially launched, allowing you can communicate from any device and from any place, offering a new window so you can communicate and connect with those who matter most to you.

It is important to note that the communication now in Messenger will be fully encrypted from start to finish, from your mobile application and from the desktop application as well.

For the first time, interoperability in communications will be a reality. “If you want to talk to someone on Facebook you use Messenger, on Instagram you use a Direct Message and with a phone number you use Whatsapp. We believe that people can talk to anyone from anywhere. So, for the first time, we are building the way that Messenger users can contact their friends on Facebook but also other people who are on Instagram and on WhatsApp, “said Asha Sharma, Director of Messenger Consumer Product.


Today, 1.5 million people use WhatsApp and through this platform, people have found a fast, reliable and secure way to communicate regardless of the circumstances of the environment.

In the same way that we communicate with people nearby, WhatsApp has become a space for business with WhatsApp Business. Now, businesses can show a catalog of their products in their company profile.


People come to Facebook to connect with people who have the same tastes or interests as them. Now, he arrives with a new style that places the Groups in the first place.

Today, 400 million Facebook users belong to a group because they share something in common with that community.

This is why they have decided to modify the location of the Groups tab to locate it in the center. For its part, around the entire application, there will be recommendations from relevant groups to which people can join according to their interests.

It is a reality that there are different types of communities that group people with different needs, and Facebook is focused on developing solutions that adapt to each of them.

Facebook Dating, has been tested in several countries around the world, and will continue to expand in more locations with the intention of uniting people who share similar tastes and interests. It is important to note that Facebook’s personal profiles and Facebook Dating profiles will be separated and information about your possible appointments in your personal profile will not be shown until you decide.

Secret Crush will allow you to create a private list of people you know and with whom you could perhaps develop a romantic relationship. You can choose up to 9 friends, if this person uses Facebook Dating, you will receive a notification and decide whether or not to include you on your Crush list to continue to the next step in the relationship.

Facebook also introduced a new way to make new friends with people you’ve shared with in groups or communities outside of Facebook.


Instagram has become a space to share with the people closest to you, initially with the publications feed, then with direct messaging and recently with the Stories. These connections are based on the content you choose to share. This is why they have presented a redesign in the camera that will allow you to create new content.

Thanks to the lessons learned from user behavior with the Stories, Instagram has decided to make some changes in the way the platform works. One of these changes will be to modify the size of the number of followers that an account has and to hide the number of likes that the publications can have. This will make Instagram stop being a competitive space and users will focus on generating valuable content for their followers and the community to which they belong.

Based on building meaningful relationships, Instagram is launching new fundraising Stickers for causes or non-profit organizations. At the moment it is available only in the United States and soon it will be in other countries.

There are three major groups on Instagram today: Buyers, Sellers and Content Creators, that’s why Instagram has created spaces to sell and buy products directly from their platform, but now the creators of content and influencers they will be able to tag the products they use to facilitate the purchase process of their followers. Instagram’s mission is to get closer to the people and brands you love.

“With every feature and product announced today, we want to help people discover their communities, deepen their connections, find new opportunities and just have fun.” indicated the Facebook team.