Twitter will allow you to subscribe to conversations that interest you.

Since 2018, one of the main goals of Twitter is to create the environment for healthier and better structured conversations to develop within its platform.

It is for this same reason, that they are conducting tests with new functions that are aligned with this objective, within which is the possibility of subscribing to a conversation.

As part of an unexpected find, and as a result of the tests that Twitter is doing, it found the presence of a new button on the top right of the tweets that indicated the phrase “Subscribe to the conversation.”

Apparently, this new feature will allow you to receive a notification every time a new tweet is added to the thread of that conversation, without you having to indicate your interest or actively participate in it.

The discovery of this possible new feature allowed Twitter to confirm that “This is part of our work to make Twitter more conversational”. However, no tentative date of the official launch of it was confirmed.

Functions like these, like the new prototype called twttr or the new “hide tweet” button, confirm that Twitter is testing new methods and formats for conversations within the platform.