Twitter seeks to generate a safe space for its users

As part of the measures that Twitter is taking to generate a safe space for users and their data, will be auditing as of June 19 developers of any application that have unusual behavior within of the platform.

In case of having a legitimate consumption of data (to carry out an investigation, for example), they will be granted free access to the API in the same way they have handled it until now. But, if you use this data to serve commercial customers, such as customer service or monitoring social networks, you must reach a commercial license agreement directly with Twitter with a price that will be determined internally and privately (Twitter did not offer an approximate amount of the ranges in which these prices are found).

Developers who violate Twitter policies will be removed from the platform, and those who do not submit to the review, will have a limit of applications and mentions.

As mentioned at the beginning, these measures are part of a series of movements that Twitter is doing to guarantee the privacy of its users’ data and the security of the same when interacting within the platform, but at the same time, it is transformed in a strategic move to provide a safe space to the comments and surprises in which Facebook has been involved in recent months.