Product labels in the influencers and creators’ posts on Instagram

Today, at F8, Facebook made an announcement that will change the way creators create and share content in the case of influencers and creators on Instagram.

A few months ago, Facebook launched the product labels in business publications or brands, which really facilitates the research process before acquiring any of the articles that appeared in their publications.

Recently, they launched the “Instagram Checkout” that will allow you to make purchases directly from the application, avoiding having to go to the website of the product brand to acquire it.

As mentioned at the beginning, this was an exclusive function for businesses or brands, but today, Facebook confirmed that this feature will be available on Instagram for content creators and influencers.

This new update will allow them to tag the products they are using and direct their followers immediately to the official account of the brand so they can acquire them. In addition to this, it will allow shared content to be of general interest, leaving aside the questions and answers about the details of the products they use.

For now, it is part of a beta project that Facebook is implementing with some brands and influencers in the United States.

It is important to make clear that the influencers or creators of content will not get any percentage if they were to make some sale of any of the products they are using in their publication. This percentage of profit, it would be something that the brands would have to negotiate directly with them, if this were to be the case.

In addition to the labels on products used by influencers, Facebook also announced the creation of labels for donations in Instagram Stories. All the money raised through the label within the application, will go to the foundation or non-profit organization for which it was intended since its inception.