New ways to discover relevant publications for you on Instagram.

The Explore on Instagram section has had several modifications, adapting to the needs that users have been showing.

Generally, people turn to Explore when they want to find additional relevant content to the one they offer the accounts they already follow, and this undiscovered content can be photos, videos or stories.

What is the change?

When you enter the Explore section, you will see a new bar at the top where you will have direct access to categories of content that may be of interest to you, according to your behavior within the application.

In addition to this, Instagram understands the importance of Stories today where more than 500 million people use them daily. Therefore, the stories will begin to be included as part of the recommended content within the Explore section.

As you can see in the image, the first two tabs are shortcuts to IGTV and to Shopping or Store (these two tabs will remain anchored in the first two positions). The rest of the tabs and the order in which they will be displayed will be adaptable to the content that is really relevant to you.

What happens when I open the IGTV and Store tabs?

By clicking on IGTV, you can browse a list of recommended videos of the creators that you follow or that are related to them.

If you click on Store, you will have access to additional filters in the top search bar where you can view specific product categories in Instagram.

The importance of connecting with users or followers through the content that you publish and that they find relevant, is a key piece for the success and positioning of your brand in digital.