Let them discover you in more places

According to a recent study by Google / Ipsos, 76% of consumers enjoy making unexpected discoveries while making purchases. In addition, 85% of these consumers make a decision related to the product within 24 hours of making this discovery.

Every other day, people turn to Google with the intention of getting answers to their concerns, entertain and communicate, which makes it an ideal space to make announcements that can be seen by the right people at the right time.

During Google Marketing Live, Google announced that they are introducing advertisements in the Discovery section at the end of the year.


What is it about?

You can attract your consumers with images of your products in a carousel. In this way, you can show them different perspectives and reasons to acquire them.

Mixing this new ad placement with the compression that Google naturally has, predicting the behavior of your customers will not be a headache and the results will be optimal.

A single campaign is necessary for your ads to reach millions of people through Youtube, Promotions in Gmail and the Discovery section in Google.

“Discovery has created a great opportunity for us to easily drive growth to scale for our brands beyond what we thought was possible with Google,” says Daniel Pahl, vice president of Media and Acquisition at TechStyle.