Interactive ads come to Instagram

According to official figures from Instagram of January 2019, more than 500 million accounts use Stories daily on this platform, including a large number of accounts of companies or brands.

The companies have found on Instagram the possibility of telling stories that connect with their users and their potential buyers, allowing them to unleash purchase actions on these people.

Since the launch of the interactive elements on Instagram, 60% of companies use the stickers of locations, mentions or surveys every month, according to internal data of Instagram in December 2018.

The good news is that these elements, which have been so useful for brands, they are now available to be used in advertisements, allowing the possibility of interacting in this space, be a way to know the opinions of customers and build stronger relationships, but also be an element that increases the time of visibility of the ads by the users, generating greater impact on them.

How to do it?

    1. In the Ad Manager, select Instagram Instagram as the only location.
    2. When uploading the images or videos for your ad, you must select the option “Add an interactive survey”.
    3. By activating it, you can customize the question and answers of your survey and the location of it on the screen.

Important note: This feature is not available for ads on Stories on Facebook, it can only be used on ads whose only location is Instagram stories.

The advantage of using these interactive elements within the advertisements brings precisely what its name indicates: interaction between the brand and the user. This interaction, perhaps informal, is able to break the possible barriers that exist on the part of people to be exposed to advertising content, allowing them to feel the brands closely. Also, it allows the increase of creativity and spontaneity in the ads, which will make them stand out from others.