Instagram could evaluate a world without likes

One of the messages on Instagram has always been to focus efforts so that people focus on the content they share being valuable, and not precisely on the amount of ‘likes’ they get in their publications. For this reason, Instagram could be doing tests to change the design of the feed by hiding the amount of ‘Like’ that each publication has obtained.

Instead, you can continue to see a couple of users who liked the publication followed by the message “and others.”

The finding made by Jane Manchun Wong, allows to see how this modification would look. In public there would be no access to the amount of likes of the publications, but this would be a private data for the user who manages the account.

Although this is an internal prototype that is not yet visible to the public, according to what was said by an official Instagram spokesperson, this function could have a great impact.

Instead of being accumulators of ‘likes’, users could begin to share real and authentic content without having to live by comparing themselves and “measuring” their success by the amount of likes they get from their followers.

The psychological impact of looking at the amount of ‘likes’ can be negative for some and unleash issues such as low self-esteem, narcissism or envy.

For its part, if this function were to be launched, brands should find a new way to measure the acceptance or dissatisfaction of customers with the content they share and the products they offer. The real importance would lie in the interactions through comments that unleash direct conversations between both actors and not necessarily in the likes that are obtained.