Instagram Checkout will allow you to make purchases without leaving the platform.

The labels on Instagram products are increasingly popular in a larger number of countries. According to official figures, 130 million people click on the labels on the products to obtain more information about them. Now, they can buy them without needing to be redirected to the brand’s website.

The launch of this new platform took place this week in the US and there are 20 leading brands that will be in charge of testing the beta version of “Instagram Checkout”.

The advantage? You do not have to take your potential client to your website to make the purchase; since, instead, you can do it directly from Instagram.

When making the first transaction, the purchase data is recorded, allowing future purchases to be much simpler and faster.

This new source of income for Instagram is a fee that will be charged to the merchant without modifying the final purchase price of the client.

On the other hand, this platform opens a new space for the advertising business on Instagram can be positively impacted by introducing traders a new platform with fewer steps in the purchase process that attracts more customers directly from the ads. However, for now, the only spaces where “Instagram Checkout” will be available are organic publications, without closing the possibility that, later on, it will also be available from ads.

How will it be displayed? Now, publications with product labels will have the “Checkout with Instagram” button instead of the old “See on the website” label.

All these actions lead to simplify the purchase process to which the customer is exposed, moving away from the traditional shopping cart within a website. This is undoubtedly the value that will be offered to customers through “Instagram Checkout”.