How to apply what was announced in the I / O ’19

During the annual conference of Google for developers, I / O ’19, announcements related to hardware and software of new and existing Google applications and products were given.

You can take advantage of these updates and new tools and include them within your business strategies:

Google Assistant is now available in more than one billion devices, in more than 30 languages ​​and more than 80 countries, which makes the possible scope within of this space is important.

This Assistant allows you to make queries that will be answered instantly taking into account your behavior, the searches you perform and your interests, just by saying “Hey, Google”.

What are some of the functions you can perform as a user with the Google Assistant?

  • Reserve cars for upcoming trips.
  • Book hotel stays.
  • Try a new recipe.
  • Choose to attend an event that happens near you.
  • Perform podcast searches that might interest you.
  • Find how to make yourself (DIY) a new manual project or recipe.

What are the challenges for companies with the Google Assistant?

According to the information provided in the I / O, the options proposed by the Assistant in response to user requests will be related to the searches they have previously performed and their online behavior.

However, it is expected that new advertising spaces and options will emerge to stand out in the first search options. The key will be to stay within these first results spaces.

On the other hand, Google is giving considerable importance to the creation and distribution of Podcasts.

Currently, the results of Google searches can be text, images, news, location on maps, books or articles related to finances. In the coming months, Google will begin to include Podcasts in the search results to be listened to at that precise moment or be saved to listen later.

The search results will not be associated only with the title of the chapter but also with its content.

It is important to note that having a podcast within your personal branding strategy, as a journalist, influencer in specific industries or a writer, gives you a new exhibition and recognition space for your target audience. And now much more with this new feature of Google.

Why will Google Lens add value to your business, restaurant or store?

The new updates will allow access to tools that will add value.

For example, by placing the camera on the menu of your restaurant, diners can see what are popular dishes and reviews, comments and photos that people have left on Google, helping them to make a decision on which dish to choose.

In the same way, they can visualize in a three-dimensional model, the pair of shoes or the portfolio that interests them and see if they combine with certain attire for that special occasion.

Seemingly simple actions like these are those that allow the possible guest or customer to make a purchase decision and choose to consume or purchase your product.