Greater transparency in Facebook pages

As part of the actions that Facebook is taking to increase the level of transparency of the movements carried out within the platform, this week included new fields of information that could increase user confidence when interacting within the social network.

As part of these changes, information related to the country or place of origin of most publications that are made within a given profile will now be displayed. This information corresponds to the country from which the page is administered and will be determined by the connection information and the location from which the publications are made. With this, Facebook will be able to determine the exact country from which the account is being administered to compare it with the country that was selected at the time of its creation.

On the other hand, the main country of all the roles that administer or have access to the page will also be shared. It will not be shown one by one, but the country where most of the people who have a defined role come from within the configuration of the page.

In addition to this, it will also be shown in the information of the page if it was merged with any other, to recognize exactly the real origin of the publications made in it.

In this way, we see how Facebook continues to make efforts to recover the confidence of users and prevent them from migrating to other platforms, through providing more transparency and clarity about how their data is being handled and who they are really interacting with.