A new Sticker joins the Instagram family Stories

Instagram officially launched a new Survey sticker, after its existence was suspected since February.

This new element allows you to ask questions with the option of multiple answers so that, in an easy way, you can interact with your followers.

We know that there are already similar options within the variety of stickers that can be used in the stories, but this adds to the family to provide a new tool that you can use and know the opinion of your followers or consumers about a topic in specific.

How to use?

  1. Select the “Questionnaire” Sticker.
  2. Write the question or topic you want to discuss.
  3. Place the answer options, minimum 2 and maximum (you can use text or emojis, everything will depend on your creativity and the tone of your brand).
  4. Expect your followers to start voting and, once they do, they can see the results in real time.
  5. Access the general results by sliding your finger up to know how many votes each response has received and who voted for each one.

Why use it?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the compass of scenarios where it can be used is very broad: share information of what is done in your business and check which of your services is the one that could have the most demand among your Instagram audience, try new trends , measure the possible acceptance that a new service or product could have or a new idea of ​​prints or colors for a collection …

Even, different stickers could be combined in a series of stories to gather more information on a specific topic.

With the inclusion of this new Questionnaire Sticker, it only remains for you to develop your creativity and use it as a tool to get closer to your followers and get to know them a bit more. All the information you collect is of value to your business.

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