A new experience behind Google Shopping

As part of the main announcements made in Google Marketing Live during this week, are the updates and modifications made to optimize Google Shopping.

This redesign allows buyers to discover and compare an almost unlimited number of products from thousands of stores and purchase them online, at a nearby store or directly with Google. And it’s as simple as answering, once again: “What are you looking for?

How does it work for buyers?

Buyers will have an exclusive section under the ‘Shopping’ tab where they can make filters according to what they are looking for, characteristics of these products and brands they prefer.

if you needmake a return or complaint, guarantee Googlesupportwhole process.

the suggestions will be associated with buying behaviors and previous search this way will display items or products you’re really interested in.

And for merchants and brands,

this redesigned space allows brands to connect with consumers at the right

time.As a merchant or seller of Shopping, your products will automatically be included in this new space to which can be accessed from Google Shopping, Google.com and the Google Assistant

The selection, comparison, purchase and sale process It will be done in one place, which translates into a benefit for the consumer when buying your product.

Google has become that space where ads converge, information about your local business and possibilities to make purchases in one place.