Did you know that Pinterest has a Buy Button?

Maria Julia Carfora

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The “Buy Button” functionality on the social media sites has been a discussion topic among marketers for a while. Since last summer Facebook and Twitter has tasted solutions to add an ecommerce feature to their platforms. Early this year Instagram announced a “Shop Now” post as part of their advertisement solution, expected to be ready in the coming months.

Now Pinterest is joining the party with its brand new blue “Buy it” button, available since June. The project launched with the major brands on Pinterest such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Macys, but rapidly expanded to the Demandware and Shopify partners.

FrOm the marketing point of view, having a direct call to action on your social media promotions should help to increase the effectiveness of your ads. Moreover, platforms such as Pinterest are reaching a market looking for your products or similar items in your business industry; you will target customers in the purchasing mood.

If you are interested in selling your products on Pinterest, the best available choice is to add the Pinterest channel to your Shopify account; from there you can enable your buyable pins, and, as announced by Pintrest, they don´t take a cut from your sales.

For the rest of us that enjoys the online shopping, the process is simple; just set your payment method on your profile, find your buyable pin and press the blue button.

How do you think this new ecommerce solution will impact you business?


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