What we know about Twitter’s Conversational Ads

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This January 5th, Twitter launched a new way for consumers to interact with the campaign messages of the brands they follow. Our first reaction was “They must be like the Twitter Polls” but no, they are not. This tool is designed for:

  • Brands that want to win more influence between their followers.
  • Make it easier for the consumer to interact with the message and the brand.
  • A different way that the consumers could share the brand’s content.

Sounds good?

So, How does it work?

We know that Twitter has tools like promotional tweets and hashtags that have given good result to brands. In their  blog, Twitter explain that the Conversational Ads are more than a promote Tweet, it has a call to action button customized for the brand’s campaign.

Ejemplo Conversational Ad Twitter

After the followers click on the conversational ad and choose the option that they like, the compose window will open with a message (previously created by the brand) with the campaign hashtag. The good thing is that the followers can customized the tweet and share it.


Ejmplos Conversational Ad Twitter

The brand sends a thank you message to the follower for sharing the content and then is what we think is the plus in this tool: remember that the followers shared the content? Well, this tweet will include the original call to action tweet with the video or photo, this could be powerful for brands because you could (with the right message) convert the conversational ad in organic conversation.


Ejemplo Converational Ad Twitter

Twitter made this example with coffee, but think of all the possibilities for other brands like sodas, movie franchises and live events. Here are some links so you can see what Samsung an TV Lifetime did.

Our opinion is that if you’re thinking of using this tool you have to think good and hard about the campaign you want to promote and how you’re going to do it. It’s easy to be shallow and don’t get the expected results. This is why we encourage you to get to know your followers; what they want to read, to see and above all that the content that you’re going to share will bring value to them and that they will want to share it.

What do you think about this new Twitter tool? Let us know!

Source & photos: Twitter Blog

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