The keys to increase your blog followers


Maria Julia Carfora


Blogs are one of the most popular methods to do business online. Hence, get followers for your website is a daily challenge

There are two types of blogs, those blogs or magazines that offer content of interest to get more readers and offer Advertisement. And, the business blog, that usually is a section of the company’s website dedicated to promote products and distribute press releases.

To compete in this content jungle and increase your fan base you should have a clear strategy for your posts.

First, remember the ABC of any digital content; use an attention-grabbing title, include keywords in the title and content, properly cite your sources, use images and graphics to give substance to your article and remember to include in your social media sharing buttons in your blog.

Furthermore, the proper distribution of your post is crucial to increase the visits to your blog. Identifying the proper social media for your content is basic to reach the right market niche. For example, if you have a crafts, fashion or travel blog, Pinterest will help you get more readers; or if you write about business, finance, or people management, share your articles on LinkedIn. And clearly, Twitter and Facebook are the main platforms for sharing content and always will be a good way to share your articles to your followers.

Another good strategy to reach the target market is to become a contributor for digital magazines and blogs in your industry.

The use of paid advertising is also a very effective way to reach new audiences. Most platforms allow you market segmentation based on interests to reach a specific niche. Networks such as Facebook and Twitter have features like “Boost you post” and “promote your Tweet” that will let you configure an online Ad.

Finally, remember to publish regularly, this way your fans will get used to go to your website to read your articles and will help you to improve your position in the search engines and social networking platforms.

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